Questions Raised On Kanika Kapoor’s Medical Report: Family Gets Angry

Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor is in the news these days due to Coronavirus. Kanika recently returned from London and a few days it was heard that she is Corona virus-positive. Kanika Kapoor took part in several parties after coming from abroad. But before proper reports about coronavirus were investigated, she received severe criticism. Now questions are also being raised on Singer’s coronavirus report.

Currently, a report of the hospital is going viral on social media. The report claims that this is Kanika Kapoor’s report. But we can see that in the report, her gender is described as ‘male’. And her age is also stated to be 28 years while Kanika is around 41 years old. After this, her family is raising lots of questions. Since the reports were out on media, her family is asking many questions about it. Showing the anger they said,

“The identities of other coronavirus patients were hidden, but this did not happen to Kanika.” We were criticized and trolled by the public, and the government is responsible for all this. 

The report is from Post Graduate Department of Microbiology, King George’s Medical University in Lucknow. It clearly shows the name of Kanika Kapoor. Although the question is why her report came late. She returned to India on March 9. So why did it take 10 days for her sample to reach the lab?

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