Quick Recap of News Around The World

DATE: 19 June, 2015

Here is a looking at a quick recap of news around the world.

1. The number of social media users in India became 143 million by April, as per reports. The most rapid increase was seen in rural India, where the user base grew by 100 percent to reach 25 million


2. Main accused in the rape of the 71-year-old nun in West Bengal was arrested on June 18. The accused Nazrul is a 28-year-old Bangladeshi and was found at the Sealdah station.


3. The Intelligence Bureau has released information about possible attacks from ISIS on Indian soil. They said that they would specifically be targeting the Turkish nationals in the country.


4. BJP veteran leader, L.K. Advani, said in an interview that he does not believe that the days of Emergency are behind India. He believes the forces that can crush democracy are strong at the moment.


5. A 21-year-old Caucasian killed 9 people on June 17. He entered a predominantly African-American church in South Carolina, U.S.A and started shooting at the people inside.


6. Researchers at Microsoft have developed an autonomic drone that kills mosquitoes that show signs of harmful viruses. This project hopes to prevent the outbreak of a number of epidemic diseases. 


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