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High Life Quick Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mood When You Are...

Quick Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mood When You Are Feeling Extremely Low

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Life is like a ride in which sometimes your car can break down, or you are hungry but cannot find a shop to buy food, sometimes you forget why you wanted to ride, sometimes you get lost and the rest of the time you enjoy ride with your loved ones. Life is full of failures, good and precious moments, success when you least accept it, loneliness, insecurity and a lot of hell and heaven. Each phase of life teaches you something. Some get better and some well, they lose and losing is not a bad thing. It is, in fact, great and full of adventure, risk,  and stupidities ( which you enjoy).


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Hey! buddy people around you are jealous of you, they do not have the courage to answer you on your face that is why they talk behind your back. This is the only reason. People get depressed, some for a short period of time and some for long….! But this does not mean that you should bow down to life. Never! This is what the devil in other’s want you to do. Depression is a serious health problem, you get lost and lose connection with the world around you and pity yourself. But some great legends have said that “Only you can make yourself happy.” and this is absolutely true! Only you have the power it requires to make yourself happy. Here is a list of things you can do to make yourself happy and free from depression. Just LIVE, LOVE AND LAUGH.



This is one of the best remedies that you can do on yourself. Talk to yourself. Only you know what your true strenghts and weaknesses are. You are the best judge you can have. Do not let anyone else ( not even your mother) create opinions about your life and decisions. Stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself and shout as loud as you can. Let it all out! Do not give a shit about the world. You are your creator and destroy. It’s upon you do you want to create or destroy yourself?



Some people are full of ego and crap. They backstab people who trust them in order to gain profit. They use you as a ladder because they know that you can take that burden. We are not god, we are normal people and we can make mistake in learning someone’s real intention. But at the end you should thank those who at some point backstabbed you as they taught you life’s greatest lesson and made you wiser.

But, remember not everybody else is like that. There are goo and honest people too. Nope, they have not extincted. Just open your eyes and heart, be careful.



When we call someone “great” what does it mean? Why are they called “the great”? Obviously, because they had a lot of experience, they were mature and understood the world better than the others. When you get to know that even the greatest of kings and businessman’s had a rough patch, that when they first started they were not perfect either. You feel good and inspired. This he the only reason we all should read what they have to say. It boosts confidence and that kind spirit you have. Here are examples, read them they are for your betterment.

Success is the ability to move from one failure to the next with enthusiasm.
– Winston Churchhill

Do not compare yourself with anyone in this world, you are insulting yourself.

– Bill Gates



When you are feeling extremely low. It’s hard to focus on anything else. In simple words, you do not give the fuck about anything. In fact, you start getting irritated even by the mildest actions around you. At a time like this one thing which will make you feel better is writing it all down, whatever you are thinking. This way you can know what is it that is really bothering you. This will make you a lot more calm and relaxed. No one is going to read so chill!  Writing a journal is one thing you can do to make yourself  YOU.



Do you remember the song from the movie “I, me aur main”, it goes like this cry…cry..cry..itna rote kaiko! These are the main lyrics of the song. The reason crying is good when you are feeling low is that  it relieves you from the pain. After you cry you fee strong, better and brave. There is no harm in crying.

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