R Madhavan opens up on his nine minute long role in Rang De Basanti 

R Madhavan, who was a part of the famous ‘Rang De Basanti’, as of late talked about being related to the film and the length of his role.

The actor jokingly inquired as to whether he has watched the second half of the cult movie and if he knows what occurred. Giving a humorous answer to the same, Madhavan said that ‘Rang De Basanti’ was only valid, and very exciting for him for nine minutes.’

In an earlier interaction with another news portal, Madhavan had talked about how he had shot for the movie for just eight days for his nine-minute-long role. As per the actor, he was supposed to do Siddharth’s role however he couldn’t on the grounds that he had long hair, and he ended up doing the pilot’s role. The actor shared that even now when individuals talk about ‘Rang De Basanti’, his name is synonymous with that movie, for a nine-minute appearance. Madhavan shared that he realised that immortality in terms of being recognized as a character relies on how you play that character, and how that character is written and presented.

The actor also proceeded to say that he worked very hard to get everything right in only nine minutes and to ensure that the audience felt that they’d ‘lost somebody that they knew’.