Radhika Apte Accused of Misleading Audience by Endorsing a Brand That Claims Turning Grey Hair Into Black

Hottest Bollywood actress Radhika Apte is again making headlines. This time not for some pictures but for violating celebrities guidelines laid down by ASCI.

It all started when the actress got featured in an advertisement for a brand, which is a hair tonic, this TV commercial highlighted claims such as “Stop new grey hai”, “Jo naye safed balon ka aana roke, jad se”, “True roots ke 100 % natural extracts balonke jadonme jakar melanin bhadaye. 90 days tak regularly lagayen taki safed balon ka aana band ho jaye”, “Safed baalon ka jaldi aana jad se rokiye, with TRUEROOTS.”, “No New Greys in 90 days, get rid of premature grey hair from the root.”

According to ASCI which stands for Advertising Standards Council of India, such claims are considered as false and misleading. One can’t claim such declarations without proof. As Radhika Apte is endorsing this brand, she lands in trouble for violating celebrities guidelines.

Even if the product is capable of darkening of grey hair but claims were discovered to be misleading by ambiguity and implication, said by ASCI. The graphic on the ad and on the pack are considered to be a misrepresentation of the actual product action.