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Radhika Apte’s New Video Tries To Redefine Beauty

Radhika Apte’s New Video Tries To Redefine Beauty


The Badlapur actress, Radhika Apte has posted a new video, Find your beautiful which is going viral for the beautiful message it delivers to the people. Through this video, Radhika Apte tries to redefine beauty in the eyes of society and it looks like her efforts are not going waste.


In the video, Radhika Apte is going through some books when she finds a younger photo of herself in which she thinks she is beautiful and thinks of talking to her. Moreover, the theme given to the video by Radhika Apte is also ‘you are beautiful’ which is also the ending line of the video.

The beautiful message which this video delivers to every girl is that they are beautiful and don’t need to listen to the stupid comments of the society and get pressurized. In the society, it is always seen that a girl is told by others that she is not beautiful and lag behind in many things like height, weight, complexion, figure, eyes, and modernization but that is not true at all. Each and every girl is unique and beautiful in her own way and she’s not the society’s doll, therefore, she don’t need to listen to that society and live free forever.

With such message, Radhika Apte’s video is going viral all over the India and is winning the hearts of many people. Although the video has received many negative and positive comments but it is one in itself with an inspiration for many women and as a step towards the end of the patriarchal society existing in the world.

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