Rafael Nadal Stops Match So That Woman Can Find Her Lost Child In Crowd

Rafael Nadal has once again showed why he is the nicest guy in tennis, stopping a recent match while a distraught mother searched for her child.

The Spaniard was playing an exhibition doubles match with Simon Solbas against Carlos Moya and John McEnroe in Mallorca when a large commotion broke out in the crowd.

TV footage showed an upset mother desperately searching for her daughter, standing next to a steward and shouting ‘Clara’.

Image – Video Snap

Nadal was about to serve when he immediately stopped, sparking a court-wide search for the toddler.

It took a few moments but mother and daughter were eventually reunited to loud applause and cheering. The match was subsequently resumed.

We’re sure the video will put a huge smile on your face. Take a look :

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