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Rahul Dravid Questions His Rs 50 Lakh Reward, “Why The Inequality In Cash Prizes Between Me And Support Staff?




After winning the 2018 Under-19 Cricket World Cup, BCCI has announced awards of Rs 50 lakh for Dravid, Rs 20 lakh each for the support staff and Rs 30 lakh for the players. But, it is reported that Dravid is unhappy with the reward because he wants all support staff members to be rewarded evenly.

Rahul Dravid Questions His Rs 50 Lakh Reward,

Dravid, earlier too has given the credit to the whole team and also acknowledged the role of support staff.

“It’s a bit embarrassing at times because I tend to get a lot of attention and focus, but it is really about the support staff and the quality of people that we’ve had. I don’t want to mention names but everyone in the support staff has put in a great effort. We do the best for the kids.”

Rahul Dravid Questions His Rs 50 Lakh Reward,

Dravid further beautifully described the upcoming challenges, “Talent and ability is there, it’s about managing themselves, how to deal with pressure and the expectations that will come as U-19 champions. The hard work begins for them begins for us too. It’s not easy to get into the Indian side. At least if they become good first class cricketers, from then on it becomes a stepping stone to play for India.”


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