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High Life Sleeping Beauty Rahul Gandhi : Caught Taking Nap In Parliament's Heated Dalit...

Sleeping Beauty Rahul Gandhi : Caught Taking Nap In Parliament’s Heated Dalit Discussions

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At the time when his party was busy in cornering the government over the crucial issue of Dalit protests in Gujarat, the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was seen taking a ‘nap’ in Lok Sabha today.

rahul gandhi sleeping

Amid the heated debate between the BJP MPs and Opposition benches during the debate, television cameras panned to show Rahul sitting with his hands on his forehead seemingly disinterested in what as going around him.

As the Congress benches erupted in protest over Rajnath’s remarks, television footage inescapably showed Rahul sleeping with his forehead resting in his palm. Even as his party’s Lok Sabha chief Mallikarjun Kharge and his fellow MPs were on their feet shouting their objections, Rahul seemed to sleep on.

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The Congress has been using the incident of thrashing of four Dalit youth in Gujarat’s Una to slam the ruling BJP. Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to visit the Gujarat town on July 21.

However, Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury gave a clarification on party vice-president’s nap, saying that he was just “resting his eyes”.

And this nothing short of a hilarious dumb explanation i have ever heard. Watch yourself :

Expectedly, Twitterati was quick to take a dig at Rahul Gandhi, here are few of the trending tweets:

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