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“If You Think You Will Get Film Offer by Sleeping And Doing Dirty Things With The Director Then…” Shocking Revelation of Bollywood’s Famous Actress

Bollywood appears glittery outside. But there exists a dark reality of this industry inside. It is called casting couch. The history of casting couch is as old as the Bollywood. Many actors and actresses have suffered this worst face in their career. Some kept their mouths mum but some gathered the courage to talk about it openly.

In a recent scenario, a famous actress has spoken up on the casting couch. She is none other than famous Bengali and Bollywood actress Raima Sen. She says that the individual falling for such traps is to be blamed more than anyone else.

“You see, these things depend on an individual. One should realize and accept the fact that there is no shortcut to success. If you think that you can sleep with a director and get a film, well, it doesn’t ever work like that.”

says Raima, adding that talent is the key. She continues saying:

“If you have talent and you have a backup plan, it’s great. But, if you don’t have talent and you just resort to these measures, then obviously you don’t have any faith in yourself. Maybe these newcomers don’t know how things work. They need to know the system. Maybe they think that’s what they are supposed to do, but getting sexually exploited is not the way and it has never been the way. Casting couch exists everywhere, not just in the film industry. I have never fallen into such a trap, thankfully.”

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