Rakhi Sawant Birthday Special: Weird Facts That You Need To Know


Actress Rakhi Sawant who is also considered to a drama queen of the entertainment industry is celebrating her birthday on 25th November. And on this occasion, we have shared some weird facts that many of you are unaware of.

Rakhi Sawant as everyone knows is the biggest drama queen of the entertainment industry. Today on 25th November she is celebrating her birthday. And on this occasion, we have shared some unknown facts that everyone isn’t aware of.

Rakhi Sawant started her career with the film ‘Agni Chakra’, and later on, she gave many hit item songs in Bollywood. However, like every struggling actor, she too faced many difficulties to achieve all that she has today. In her childhood, she faced many troubles. And not everyone knows that at the age of just 10, she served food to people at Tina Ambani’s wedding. Which is quite a shocking thing for so many of us. But in the present time Rakhi, who once belonged to a poor family, today lives in a posh bungalow in the posh area of ​​Mumbai.

During an interview, once Rakhi told that her family was so poor that it was hard for them to survive. Her mother worked as a babysitter in a hospital and her father was a constable in the Mumbai Police. The condition was so bad that they could hardly afford a one-time meal of the day. She also said that she once ran away from home with some money to get into the film industry. As her parents were forcing her to get married. Rakhi told- When I reached Mumbai, I started dancing and showing my talent in front of many producers, but knew nothing about the acting skills.

Later after struggling a lot, Rakhi was offered small films like ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’, ‘Jis Des in Ganges Rata’, ‘Yeh Raasta’ but she got fame in 2005 when she appeared in the song ‘Pardesiya’. The song went hit and she became famous Item Girl. Not only this but she also launched a reality show named ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’, which aired in 2009.

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