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‘Tanushree Dutta is a Lesbian, she touched my private parts and raped me’ Says Rakhi Sawant

The queen of controversy, Rakhi Sawant is back again! She is no mood to spare Tanushree Dutta. Dutta recently slapped a Rs 10 crore defamation suit against Rakhi Sawant for accusing her of consuming drugs on the sets of the 2008 movie ‘Horn Ok Pleassss’. Rakhi rubbished the allegations that Tanushree put on Nana Patekar and blamed Tanushree of falsely defaming a veteran actor.

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Recently Rakhi made some shocking claims during a press conference after Tanushree’s defamation case of Rs 10 crore against her! Rakhi gave a scandalous statement, as she claimed that Tanushree Dutta is indeed a lesbian.
Dressed in a pink sari and covering her head with its Pallu, she alleged that Tanushree raped her multiple times. She further said that the former Miss India is a “boy” from inside. She said,

“Tanushree has slapped Rs 10 crore defamation case against me. I am very sad and wondering ‘why she has filed a case?’ Who started it first? Tanushree Dutta went to the news channels and talked about being insulted and replaced by Rakhi Sawant. They could have found someone classy. It means that I am from a lower class. Tanushree, who gave you the authority to call me a lower class?”

Watch her video here:

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