Rakhi Sawant Has Crossed All Boundaries: This Is What She Wrote On Her Body


Big boss -14 contestant and the drama queen Rakhi Sawant again came up with something weird and has crossed the limitations. So here’s what she wrote on her body with the lipstick.

Rakhi Sawant Has Crossed All Boundaries

Soon after Rakhi Sawant entered the 14th season of Big boss. You believe it or not. But the show really got a super entertainer. Although she is well known for creating tantrums but at the same hand, she is not less than an entertainer. And that’s the reason why people are liking the show right after she stepped in. The viewers got more interested to watch the show. The last time she grabbed attention when she behaved as if she was possessed by the spirit. But this time the Monday episode will bring up something that will showcase Rakhi crossing all boundaries.

In the promotional video of the Monday episode, we all will see Rakhi crossing limits. The episode begins with Rakhi Talking to Abhinav saying that, if I wash utensils with you, your wife will not be able to sleep. And soon after this Rubina Dilaik responds to her saying that she should not say like this. To which Rakhi replies that no one can separate her from Abhinav. The episode will show Rakhi writing ‘I Love Abhinav’ along with heart emojis all over her body, with the red lipstick. And roaming around the house. After which Abhinav asks her What’s this. To this, she replies “Mera crazy love hai”.

Well, after seeing the promotional video one can easily guess that Monday’s episode will be worth looking at. So don’t forget to watch. Another interesting part will be to see the nominations. Because in the promo, the contestants are seen discussing what can be done to nominate or save someone.

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