Priyanka Chopra Signs Multi-Million Dollar Deal With Amazon Prime

Global star, Priyanka Chopra has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Amazon Prime. The actress will work with them for two years. 
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Rakhi Sawant Lends Support to Boyfriend Deepak Kalal on Being Beaten up Badly in Public

Recently a piece of news hit the internet as the Rakhi Sawant’s beau Deepak Kalal badly beaten up on the Delhi highways. Deepak Kalal grabbed attention when he announced his marriage date with controversial queen Rakhi Sawant. The couple announced that they will be going to marry on December 31 in New York. Half of the January has gone and nothing like that happened yet!

Deepak was recently got beaten publicly in Delhi by a group of men and his video also went viral. In the video, a man named, Deepak Nandal is seen telling that Deepak Kalal’s videos are seen by teenagers and kids on whom such clips put bad impact. He further said that if again he sees Deepak Kalal making any such video, he would find him from any corner of the world, and would again beat him. He, however, asked Kalal’s followers to appreciate him if he makes any “good” video. Here’s the viral video:

Now, his girlfriend Rakhi Sawant comes foreward to lend her support to Deepak. The controversial queen said that ‘this is so sad that people are taking the law in their hands’ and condemned what the group of people did with him. She posted a video, watch it here:

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