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Entertainment Rakhi Swant Shares A Mind-Blowing Solution For NRC-CAA Checkout How?

Rakhi Swant Shares A Mind-Blowing Solution For NRC-CAA Checkout How?

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We all know that the matter of NRC-CAA is the most talked-about topic these days. Everyone is putting their views on it. Whether Film Star or General Public. Now our Drama queen has also kept her views on it. Here’s how.

Recently Rakhi Sawant. Most entertaining star of the entertainment industry has started picking up the most relevant topics and making videos on it. The actress knows how to draw the attention of the people towards her. From talking about religion to praising PM Narendra Mod for everything Modi does, Rakhi manages to make it to the news well.

Posting a video Rakhi says, ” Today I have a solution for all the citizens of India who are afraid of NRC CAA and feel like it is unfair that their ancestors did not leave them proper birth certificates, you don’t need to worry. I am here for you.”Watch the video below:

We have seen Rakhi supporting P.M Modi every now and then. Apart from this, she shares Videos about Jesus. She tells people how she can heal them with the help of the lord. Moreover not long ago. Rakhi commented on Deepika’s JNU visit. She called Deepika’s visit to JNU, a promotional stunt for her film Chhapaak. Along with this Rakhi is in the news for his invisible husband. According to reports, she is with him in United Kindom (U.K). Although no one has seen his husband.

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