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News Ram Gopal Varma Crossed Every Line On Being The Most Horrible, Racist...

Ram Gopal Varma Crossed Every Line On Being The Most Horrible, Racist And Sexist Person And Twitter Is Fuming Over Him

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If you were wondering ,“Who in their right mind would ever vote for a sexist, racist bigot like Donald Trump?” Well, we seem to have found one such specimen of the human species: director Ram Gopal Varma.

There is no curbing the anger of people around the world who believe that America failed on Tuesday by choosing Donald Trump as their next president and closer home, Varma is only adding fuel to fire. He has been tweeting the most horrible things about the Obamas’ skin colour, posting her pictures in bikinis and calling Melania a better First Lady because she is ‘hotter’ than Michelle, saying that blacks want to be like whites while no white person wants to be black and all the worst possible thoughts that he can possibly muster.

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While the entire world is still cringing about Trump’s comment on “grabbing women by the p***sy”, Varma thinks it’s an ‘advancement in human thinking’ that a man in his 60’s can still talk about doing such a thing.

What ? He must be drunk, aroused and totally out of his senses by the time he was making such nasty tweets. I don’t know for what reason he thought Trump’s comment about grabbing women by their genitals was “Honesty” !

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While gloating about his predictions, Varma decided to involve the Obamas in his rant with a shockingly racist and sexist series of tweets.

He also involved the new first lady, Melania Trump, for good measure.

What followed next was Varma being slammed for his crude, sexiest remark. Netizens thought that his tweet was even racist and lambasted him for objectifying women. The sexist remark drew criticism from all concerns and even former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah gave it back to him. And if we may say so, it was just perfect.

Here is how Twitterati reacted to Varma’s remark :

This one is my personal fav :

He didn’t stop at all that. There’s a lot more absurd things which he tweeted. You can read his awful rant in entirety on his Twitter profile. But my word of advice – Don’t.

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