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Ram Gopal Verma Spewes Garbage On Twitter, Insulted Sunny Leone On International Women’s Day

The critically acclaimed director Ram Gopal Verma aka RGV is in limelight for all wrong reasons. Famous for his nasty tweets, the producer/director wished the women day in a ridiculous manner. He insulted the sexy lady Sunny Leone by tagging her in a misogynistic post. In his post, he wrote,

“I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives”

Now he comes across as misogynistic, sexist and racist. While every Indian and International celebrity is appreciating the contribution of women in the world as well as in their lives, Ram Gopal Verma was busy in spewing the garbage on Twitter. It is not for the first time he did that, during the elections in America when everyone was expressing their disappointment over the Donal Trump win, Ram Gopal Varma was the one celebrating his victory and his reason was Melania Trump is hot.

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Recently he tweeted about Tiger Shroff, called him gay. Today, his Twitter rant started off with questioning the very reason for celebrating Women’s Day. He tweeted, 

“Is there no #MensDay because all days in the year belong to only men and the women were given just only one day?” “Women’s day should be called #MensDay because men celebrate women much more than women celebrate women. Women on at least #MensDay should not nag or scream and at least give some freedom to men”. 

And then he insulted Sunny Leone by tweeting,

His post heated up and Twitterati started getting angry on his tweet. They slammed him badly. Many even suggested that he must say this to his mother and daughters as well.

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