India This Famous Actress Will Be The New Head Of Congress Social Media...

This Famous Actress Will Be The New Head Of Congress Social Media And IT Wing

Congress is trying every other way to regain its lost popularity. In the era of technology, whether its a political party or any other organization, online activities play a major role in making or maintaining a digital brand. According to the NDTV, Ms. Ramya, the famous movie star of Kannada, Tamil and Telugu films will be the new head of Congress Digital Communication.

Ramya new head of Congress IT wing
Source: Filmibeat

Ms. Ramya is very active on social media and her posts are usually bold and placed to annoy or taunt the ruling BJP government. One of her most controversial statement was “Pakistan is a good country, not hell. Parrikar’s comments (that going to Pakistan or hell is the same thing) are not true.”

Congress presence online remains ineffective from the past many years. On the other hand, BJP has made a remarkable progress when it comes to an online brand. Ms. Ramya will replace Deepinder Hooda, who founded the Congress IT wing but failed to produce any standout results.

Source: NDTV

Meanwhile, Ankit Lal, the head of the IT cell of the Aam Aadmi Party has said: “If the news is correct, it speaks a lot about how seriously the Congress takes its social media and IT. What credential does Ramya have on IT front apart from being active and having a decent following on social media? Does she have an engineering degree or work experience in the IT field?”

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