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Entertainment During College Days Ranbir Kapoor Committed a Very Big Mistake of His...

During College Days Ranbir Kapoor Committed a Very Big Mistake of His Life And Then…

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Ranbir Kapoor these days is stealing headlines for his film Sanju. It is a biopic of Sanjay Dutt. Ranbir Kapoor thinks that while you are young you do mistakes because you are not that experienced to analyze what will be the outcome. You realize that you did a mistake when it goes already over the head.

Ranbir thinks of himself lucky as he realized soon that he committed a mistake. In an interview recently he said that the film Sanju will give a good message as well as life lessons to youngsters. It will show that how drug addiction ruins your life. Therefore, stay away from drugs, for minute fun people destroy their whole life, said the actor.

Ranbir revealed that when he was in college he tried drugs with his group of friends as he was young and not that mature to understand that he is doing a big mistake. But he soon found out that it is wrong and managed to keep himself stay away from the drugs.

He wanted to achieve something big in life and realized he is doing wrong to himself. Ranbir said that,

“I’m a normal human being and a human commits mistakes but I have learned from them. I always try to become a better person by learning from my mistakes. I was addicted to nicotine and was trying to quit it from so long and finally gave up on it. I faced very difficulties in doing so but family supported me and I overcome my addiction finally over a course of time.”

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