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Trending Random Weird Facts That You Would Have Never Heard Of

Random Weird Facts That You Would Have Never Heard Of

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The world that we live in and the world as we know is full of facts. Some maybe cool while others can be totally shitty or absurdly weird! These are some random weird facts that you would have never heard of! Bet on it?

1. Arab Women can ask for a divorce if there men refuse to pour coffee for them


2. There exist people who can get aroused by the touch of fabrics called Hyphephelia.


3. Heart attacks are more likely to happen on a monday.


4. Smearing small amount of dog feces on an insect bite can relieve you off the itching and swelling.


5. During your lifetime you produce enough saliva to fill up two swimming pools.

swimming-pool6. The first ever alarm clock made could ring only at 4 AM.


7. Hitler’s mother had considered abortion but the doctor convinced her to keep the baby.


8. An average person intakes 12 pubic hairs in an yearly fast food consumption.


9. There exists a fear of being tickled by feathers and it is known as Pteronophobia.


10. An average woman in 5 years time uses Lipstick equivalent to her height.


11. An average person in his lifetime walks an equivalent of twice around the world.


12. The person who invented frisbees was cremated and his ashes were made into a frisbee.


13. A kangaroo cannot hop if it’s tail is lifted off the ground.


14. A small baby could swim through the veins of a blue whale!


15. You can name your kids “Buttocks” or “Prostitute” in Japan.


16. Wanna burn some calories? Banging Your head against the wall can burn 150 calories.


17. Billy Goats get peed on the head to smell more attractive to females.


18. The testicles of an Octopus are located on its head!


19. Dying is illegal in the houses of Parliaments. This has been voted the most ridiculous law by the British Citizens.


20. Mel Blanc, the infamous voice of Bugs Bunny was orginially allergic to carrots.


Did we not win the bet? 😛

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