News Randy Couple Filmed Having Sex While Bank Customers Waited Outside

Randy Couple Filmed Having Sex While Bank Customers Waited Outside

A randy couple who couldn’t wait much to satisfy their horny feelings were caught having sex next the row of cash machines while the queue outside was extending.

The near-naked couple appeared unmindful to the bank customers waiting outside as their passion got te better of them.

Customers had to wait outside for the couple to finish their business in which they were shamelessly involved before withdrawing their cash.

The incident took place opposite the headquarters of the local education authority in Oaxaca, Mexico. The rumours sparked that the amorous pair may have been teachers.

The onlooker filming the scene on his mobile was saying.”Look at what’s happening in Oaxaca! Nice!”

In recent months a number of videos of couple having sex in public went viral on the internet. Last year a couple were filmed having sex in a busy tube station in Barcelona.

The pair kept their tops on but threw their trousers to the ground so that they could make love on the benches normally for the people who are waiting for trains.

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