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Entertainment From Ajay Devgn to Uday Chopra, These Famous Celebrities You Never Knew...

From Ajay Devgn to Uday Chopra, These Famous Celebrities You Never Knew Are The Relatives of Rani Mukerji

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Rani Mukerji today turns 40. She was born on March 21, 1978, in Mumbai. She gave a number of hits in her career so far. Rani is married to Aditya Chopra and has a daughter Adira. To let you know Rani Mukerji comes from a family whose most of the members are associated with the Indian cinema. 

Actor Ajay Devgn is Rani Mukerji’s brother-in-law so as the actor Uday Chopra from her in-laws’ side. Apart from these two, Rani Mukerji has some other relatives too in the industry. Shashidhar Mukerji, Kajol’s grandfather and Ravinder Mohan Mukerji, Rani’s grandfather are real brothers. Shashidhar Mukerji has 5 sons – Shomu Mukerji, Joy Mukerji, Deb Mukerji, Ronu Mukerji and Subeer Mukerji whereas Ravinder Mohan Mukerji has only one son Ram Mukerji. According to this, Kajol’s father Shomu Mukerji and Rani’s father Ram Mukerji are first cousins. 

Relation of Jeeja-Saali (Jeeja -sister’s husband)

Rani Mukerji and Ajay Devgn are Jeeja-Saali. Ajay is Kajol’s husband and Kajol is Rani’s cousin, as their fathers are first cousins. Director Ashutosh Gowariker is also Rani Mukerji’s Jeeja in relation. Actually, Ashutosh Gowariker’s wife Sunita is director Ayan Mukerji’s real sister. Ayan is Deb Mukerji’s son. Means Kajol’s first cousin and Rani’s second cousin.

Relation of Devar (Husband’s brother)

Uday Chopra is Rani Mukerji’s Devar

Cousin sisters

Actresses Kajol, Tanisha and Sharbani Mukerji are Rani’s cousin sisters.


Actress Tanuja is Rani Mukerji’s Chachi (father’s cousin brother’s wife).

Cousin Brother

Director Ayan Mukerji is Rani’s cousin brother.


Rani Mukerji’s parents-in-law are late ace director Yash Chopra and Pamela Chopra.

Rani Mukerji – Karan Johar and Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Karan’s mother Hiroo Johar and Aditya’s (Rani Mukerji’s husband) father Yash Chopra and Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s father DN Chopra are siblings. So the three are first cousins. Hence they are Rani’s Devars too.

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