The Internet can make anyone, who has exceptional skill, a star overnight. We have seen a number of people who shot to fame on the internet from Priya Prakash Varrier to Chaiwala from Pakistan. The latest in the list is Ranu Mondal.

Ranu became an internet sensation after a video of her in which she can be seen singing went viral. She was singing on a Railway station, Ranghat, West Bengal when someone recorded her while she was singing a Lata Mangeshkar song ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai’ from film ‘Shor’. People appreciated her melodious voice and this video shot by a passenger made her a star overnight. After listening to her voice, Ranu is getting many singing offers from Kolkata, Kerela and Bangladesh. She also gets an offer from Mumbai in a singing reality show. Recently she recorded a song with Himesh Reshammiya too.

The fate is supporting Ranu now, she has money and fame and because of it she met her daughter after 10 years. Ranu has a daughter Saati Roy. Saati has a son and got divorced from her husband. She runs a small grocery shop. Even though, people are now taunting Saati that she’s back to her mother because now she has everything but Atindra Chakraborty, the man who made Ranu’s singing video viral has a different perception about it. He says money is no big thing, it is about situations that made us cut off ties.

Atindra is a software engineer who lives in Ranaghat. He is with Ranu since she shot to fame.