Ranu Mondal’s Daughter Accuses Atindra Chakraborty of Threatening to Break Her Leg if She Contacted Her Mother

Ranu Mondal needs no introduction now. She shot to fame after a video of her singing Lata Mangeshkar’s song Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma hai at the railway station went viral. The man who made the video and made it go viral on social media was Atindra Chakraborty. It is because of his help Ranu has now become a singing sensation. She already recorded two songs with none another Himesh Reshammiya and also getting many big offers from the industry.

Meanwhile, her daughter Elizabeth Sathi Roy has made many shocking revelations. To let you know, Elizabeth is receiving social media flak for returning to her mom when she has everything and neglecting her and left her on the road when she needed her the most. However, Elizabeth claimed that “I didn’t know that ma used to sing at the railway station because I could not visit ma regularly. I had been to Dharmatala (in Kolkata) a couple of months ago and found her sitting aimlessly at a bus stand. I told her to go home immediately and gave her Rs 200.”

According to her, she is the only one among Ranu’s four children who have been taking care of their mother. Elizabeth revealed that Ranu got married twice in her life and she is her daughter from her first husband and has an elder brother and a half-brother and a half-sister from Ranu’s second marriage. Ranu’s first husband died and Elizabeth is not sure if her second husband is still alive. She is a divorcee and runs a small grocery shop in Kolkata.

Elizabeth put serious accusations on Atindra Chakraborty and Tapan Das, the men who uploaded Ranu’s video on the internet. She said that Tapan and Atindra want fame, so they have sidelined her. Elizabeth says, “They are pretending to be selfless but they are not. Why are they accompanying ma to Mumbai, leaving behind their family and work? They did not let me accompany ma to Mumbai. Tapan takes money from my mother in the pretext of buying goods for her daily use. But, when I went to her place, I discovered that she doesn’t even have basic utensils like a dish or a cup. They have taken Rs 10,000 from ma’s account and bought only a suitcase and a couple of nighties for her. I don’t trust them at all. They even threatened me to break my legs if I contacted her.”