Ranveer And Ayushmaan Dedicate A Hilarious Dubsmash To Arjun Kapoor

Ranveer Singh is the craze these days who is setting life goals for many of us, be it being the most adorable Boyfriend in B-Town or a darling precious friend to his buddies. Ranveer Singh does everything in life admirably! God! you just can’t enough of this brilliant human being!

So this time Ranveer singh did something utterly cute for Arjun Kapoor after he left Town to shoot for Khatron Ke Khiladi in Argentina which he will be hosting this season. And here is Ranveer pouring his heart out on Twitter:

To which Arjun Kapoor promptly responded:

And then the next we saw was something least accepted but then again, people its Ranveer Singh! He does what you least expect which makes him so lovable! So, Ranveer here went on to pair up with Ayushmaan Khurana and posted a Dubsmash calling out for his Bromance partner, Arjun Kapoor!

Ghar Aja Baba, Tujhko Ranveer Bulaye Re! 😛

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