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Ranveer Singh Being Threatened With a Copyright Lawsuit by WWE Wrestler Brock Lesnar’s Advocate Paul Heyman




During India-Pakistan match, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh was present all the time in Manchester. However, after sharing a selfie with Hardik Pandya on social media, WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar’s manager Paul Hämman accused him of copyright theft.

Yes, Ranveer Singh was taken by surprise on Wednesday when World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler Brock Lesnar’s manager and advocate Paul Heyman warned him for using his phrase that was made popular by the latter inside the WWE arena. Heyman took to social media to post a litigation warning for Singh for using their ‘Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat’ war cry with a twist. Watch the tweet below:

Heyman also called out a media house for falsely referencing him as Lesnar’s manager, he said he is his advocate and not a manager. Earlier also, Heyman called out the Twitter handle of the Cricket World Cup on the same issue after it praised Mahendra Singh Dhoni in January 2019 saying, “Eat. Sleep. Finish games. Repeat. Life.”

It seems that right Mr. best advocate in the history as claimed himself, Paul Heyman doesn’t have any good case to fight for in the court. This is why he is targeting people for using words that he used before! It is seriously no big deal!