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Videos Ranveer Singh Has No Match For Baba Ramdev's Energy ! Don't Believe?...

Ranveer Singh Has No Match For Baba Ramdev’s Energy ! Don’t Believe? Watch This

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh lost to yoga guru Baba Ramdev in an epic dance battle at an event in Delhi. The video of the two dancing has gone viral on social media and is probably the funniest thing you will see today !

At the Agenda Aaj Tak 2016 event, Ranveer Singh asked Baba Ramdev to dance with him. Little did he know what was in store for him.

Ranveer Singh and Baba Ramdev face-off saw the two doing push-ups, yoga and some crazy dance moves! But when Baba Ramdev stood on his head, Ranveer Singh knew he had been outdone and bowed down to Baba Ramdev.

Baba Ramdev went on to pick up Ranveer Singh and twirled with Ranveer on his shoulders! Ranveer Singh was left wide-eyed and speechless.

Watch The Video :


Baba Ramdev poked fun at Ranveer Singh asking, “Abhi kushti karna hai? (Do you want to wrestle now?)” Ranveer Singh folded his hands and replied, “Nahi, baba. (No, baba)”

And we thought no one can match the energy of Ranveer but here’s Baba Ramdev putting an end to this speculation !

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