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Ranveer Singh Kissed Arjun Kapoor’s Sister Infront of All in Sonam Kapoor’s Wedding Reception

Sonam Kapoor, the glam diva of the Bollywood married her longtime boyfriend Anand Ahuja on May 8, 2018. Her husband is a Delhi-based businessman and runs a fashion brand BHANE. After a few days of the wedding reception, a video from the occasion is doing the rounds on the social media. The video is stealing all the limelight for all good reasons.

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In the video, actor Ranveer Singh is kissing Shanaya Kapoor, daughter of the Sanjay Kapoor on the forehead. Shanaya is the cousin of Sonam Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor. Actually, Arjun brings his sister Shanaya to the dance floor and leaves her to dance with Ranveer Singh.

In such case, Ranveer can be seen dancing with Shanaya in a most caring way. and kisses her on the forehead. To let you know Ranveer Singh is also the cousin brother of Sonam Kapoor and second cousin of Shanaya Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor.

Ranveer Singh is related to Sonam’s mother. Ranveer’s grandfather is Sonam Kapoor’s maternal grandmothers’ brother.

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