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Entertainment Ranveer Singh Loses His Cool And Pushes His Fans Away After Taking...

Ranveer Singh Loses His Cool And Pushes His Fans Away After Taking Selfies With Them

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The heartthrob actor of the Bollywood, Ranveer Singh is really doing well in his career. He has a huge fan following. Fans gather everywhere he goes. However, he has always obliged fans with selfies.

But it was found recently that the actor lost his cool and started pushing fans away after taking selfies with them outside a gym. Ranveer became visibly upset over this misbehaviour and started to push away fans who started taking videos of the actor.

Watch the video:

One of the fans presented there said that:

“Baba (Ranveer) is pretty cool and stops to take selfies. But the other day, fans started getting greedy. While one of them started shooting a velfie (video selfie) there was one ultra-eager fan, who started clicking multiple pictures with him. Both Ranveer and his security guard were upset because there were a huge number of fans standing in the queue to take pictures with him. They even gave the greedy fan a push to enable others to take pictures. But even as Ranveer left after clicking a few dozen selfies, there were many who were left without pictures!”

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