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Ranveer Singh Wins At Being The Best Boyfriend With This Sweetest Gesture

Ranveer Singh, the very open blunt and the most amazing actor always follows his heart at things and this could be seen from the sweetest things he did for his Lady Love, Deeoika Padukone, recently.


When Ranveer does something or says stuff you can sense his sincerity in his actions and his voice, even when it comes to his personal life. Ranveer Singh proved that he is totally comfortable in his Skin and insecurities don’t touch him.


Being a mature partner Ranveer Singh knows to respect his partner’s professional priorities and so he attended Deepika and Ranbir’s latest flick Tamasha’s success party and also praised their chemistry quite generously and genuinely!

And soon enough Ranveer Signh was joined mid-interview by Deepika Padukone and the coolest Boyfriend ever got rewarded with some really cool PDA!

Major Relationship Goals!

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