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Ranveer singh doesn’t like this SELFIE BIMAARI….

Are you one of those people who take out their phones at the first sighting of a celebrity?
Beware, you might not be in Ranveer Singh’s good books.
Ranveer Singh, who is known for his garrulous personality and high-on-energy appearances, is not very cool with people pulling out their cell-phones to click selfies with him at events or other public appearances.
The actor says that he hates this aspect of his life, as a public figure. While he loves spending time with his fans, the 30-year-old says that getting clicked all the time can get annoying. “I have a lot of patience with people, and I am really a people’s person. But selfies get very annoying. I would like to do away with this selfie ki bimaari (the illness),” he says. The actor adds that a camera phone has made life difficult for celebrities. “The availability of camera phones has changed the meaning of what it is to be a celebrity. It can get quite intrusive,” he says.
He stated that at times he was captured in very odd conditions which frustrated him.
“Once i was pictured in the bathroom of a five-star hotel the camera and the video people are all involved and, with the social media everybody is a reporter these days.”
Well, it is certainly hard to be a public figure in the showbiz industry. With fame comes a lot of other problems as well! FANS BE AWARE 🙂
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