Enough is enough People, time to wake up

These two girls explicate the attitude of society in a magnificent way towards girls. They covered most of the fields in which girls are suffering badly in Creepy Indian Society System like Female foeticide Domestic violenc Sexual Harrasment Eve teasing They talked about worse comments of lawyer of the rapist on women in India’s Daughter documentary. It showed how educated people are illitrate beyond limits. They compared how society change their attitude towards according to conditions or circumstances. For example: society need girls for kanya pooja but they never gonna stop female foeticide Girls are proud of their parents and society till the time they are following stupid culture and restrictions of society. The day, girls dare to choose a guy for them , they turn into curse for family and society. Attitude of boys towards girls, they need a modern girl friend with short clothes, nice make up but they want wife in kinda burka thing. Is this really what we called a society of democratic country.

It’s time to bring a change.