Rapper Replaces His Real Hairs With Gold Chains To Look Different

The desire to look different from the world makes a person do strange things and especially if he is a celebrity or a rap singer. Whether in India or abroad, rappers always stay in the discussion about their different styles, and now Dan Sur have this new style.

Dancing on the world’s famous Mexican Ray has now kept such a style, seeing that everyone is saying “What he did”? Actually Dan Sur wanted to try a different look but he was not ready to color his hair. That’s when this idea came to his mind. For this get-up, he first shaved his hair and then tied the belt with gold chains.

Dan Sur Gold Scalp

Dan told in an interview to Daily Mail that he had to undergo a difficult surgery for this look which was a complete success. For this, the doctors first removed their hair from the head, after that surgery was done and hooks were put on them and these chains were hung on them. He claimed that till now no one in the world has done this. His teeth are also golden, which he has a brush to polish, recently he also put a video polishing his teeth. The referee says that no one in the world will copy his dangerous look.

Dan Soor shared the video of his new avatar on Instagram and Tik Tok, which is becoming increasingly viral. Although many people are also raising questions on this, people say that when the hair on their head becomes more, they will feel burdened, as well as the weight of the chain is very heavy, so how will the head be able to bear the weight of such heavy chains. .

When a rapper got a diamond tattooed on his head

Lil Uzi Vert
Lil Uzi Vert

 In February this year, rapper Lily Uzi Vert had an 11-carat pink diamond placed on her forehead. The cost of this diamond was Rs 174 crore. Fert told that it was his dream to get a pink diamond on his forehead and he is still paying the price for it. The funny thing is that during a live show someone took his diamond out of his head. Although this diamond is still with him and it has been broken into two pieces.

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