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Rare And Craziest Bollywood Pics From the 80s Which Make You Laugh Your Ass Off

Bollywood the glittery industry is always appreciated nationally or internationally for its talent and art. But, today we have brought you a few pictures of the Bollywoodd stars that may make you feel ashamed. In this segment, we have brought some rare Bollywood pics from 80s that prove everybody was much crazier back then.

1) Just look at it! Govinda and Kimi Katkar with DC and Marvel together.

 Rare Bollywood Pics erg

2) Jitendra relaxing and chilling between divas!

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3) The heart was no less than a Cabbage.

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4) The ultimate fashion, Double-pony tail.

e-bollywood-pics rgs

5) Oh Yeah! No Trousers No Problem!

e-bollywood-pics df

6) Suresh Oberoi loving the braids!

e-bollywood-pics sfv