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Trending Rashmi Desai Opens Up On Her Casting Couch Experience

Rashmi Desai Opens Up On Her Casting Couch Experience

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Famous TV actress Rashmi Desai, who appeared as a contestant in ‘Bigg Boss 13’, has shared her casting couch experience. She says that she was just 16 when a man tried to take advantage of her. According to Rashmi, she was new to the entertainment industry at that time. 

Rashmi Desai Casting Couch
Rashmi Desai Opens Up On Her Casting Couch

In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Rashmi said, “I still remember, when I was told that if you don’t go through the casting couch you won’t get work. That man’s name was Suraj. And I don’t know where he is now? When we first met, he asked me about my statistics. I didn’t know the meaning at that time. I told him that I don’t know, so she understood that I am completely unaware of that. He was the first person who somehow tried to take advantage of me and molest me.”

According to Rashmi, that man had called her for an audition and while drinking alcohol he tried to molest her. Rashmi said, “One day he called me for an audition. I was very excited. I arrived, but there was no one there except him. There was no camera. He tried to make me faint by mixing some drugs in my drink. I kept saying that I did not want to do all this. But he wanted to control my mind. After about two and a half hours I somehow got out of there and came home to tell my mother.

Rashmi’s mother slaps the man

Rashmi told her mother that she did not want to work in this industry. Her mother then called the man and called to meet him at a restaurant. The next day when he came to meet, mom slapped him loudly. Rashmi says, “Mother told him that if you do such an act again with my daughter, then this is just the beginning to remember. Next time I will fix you.”

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