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Newborn Baby Dies After Being Bitten by Rats in ICU

Newborn Baby Dies After Being Bitten by Rats in ICU


In a very shocking news from Bihar, a nine-day-old baby allegedly died after being bitten by rats in the ICU of a government-run hospital in Bihar’s Darbhanga district. It is really very shameful of hospital staff. The family of the victim baby has claimed this. However, the hospital staff has denied all the accusations. But the district administration assured the family of a probe into the matter.

The newborn baby who was just 9 days old was not well and then got admitted to the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital in Bihar on Monday. But he didn’t survive and died early on Tuesday as he was bitten by rats and this happened all due to the hospital’s negligence”. The father of the baby, Puran Chaupal said,

“We were shocked to find that rats were trying to nibble at the hands and legs of my newborn during a visit to the NICU late on Monday. There was no nurse or doctor on duty. We immediately informed hospital officials but they informed us that the child was already dead.”

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But there is a two-sided story as the Head of Child Department K.N. Mishra said,

“The child was admitted to the hospital in critical condition and there was no sign of rat bites on his body.”

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