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Raveena Tandon Revealed Something Very Shocking About Akshay Kumar Said: By 3 o’clock, I Was Suffering From Pain, Then I …

The successful 90s actress Raveena Tandon has been one of the highest paid actresses of Bollywood in her times. She then linked to Akshay Kumar. Their affair grabbed the headlines. The rumour was also there that the two had tied the knot secretly. Then something went wrong and the two parted their ways. This break up shattered Raveena Tandon. For some time she avoided to go out her house.

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Raveena debuted in the Bollywood with a hit film named Patthar Ke Phool. She then established herself as a successful actress. One day Raveena was roaming on the roads of Mumbai in her car around 3 a.m, she then saw a husband was beating his wife, the woman was crying in pain. However, after a few minutes, a child of that woman came to her and woman forgot all her pain and started playing with him.

After noticing that woman, Raveena thought she is blessed with every luxury in life like a car, servants, bungalow then why I’m getting so sad over one person who doesn’t even value me. She then geared up and moved on and forgot Akshay Kumar. That day she decided that she will never take her past in her present and will find happiness within the people who love her.


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