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Famous Actor’s Shocking Statement on Why He Doesn’t Want a Child Even After 5 Years of Marriage

TV serial Jamayi Raja’s actor Ravi Dubey married actress Sargun Mehta in 2013. They both were madly in love. But even after 5 years of marriage, this couple doesn’t want to become parents. Recently, Ravi shocked everyone by giving the reason behind that! 34 years old Ravi says he and his wife are doing better in their careers. This is why for now, they are not planning a family.

Ravi told that,

“Currently, I’m living a life of a father with Sargun. Believe m,e I love her like a child. She completes the place of fatherhood in my life.”

He while smiling said,

“I have a kid at my home, my dog Moyo. So a sentiment of a father already exists there. We are planning a family yet. I know we are doing in our careers. This is why there is no thought of family planning for now. We even never talk about this.”

Ravi once said that he really loves children and wants to become a father. But at career’s peak, he doesn’t want that his wife suffers from biological pain.

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