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Entertainment Father Had Saved This Actor From Becoming a Male Prostitute, Now he...

Father Had Saved This Actor From Becoming a Male Prostitute, Now he is a Superstar

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Ravi Kishan, who is called as Amitabh Bachchan of Bhojpuri films has revealed something very shocking. According to Ravi,

“I used to play the women’s role in Ramleela at times in the village. Father did not like that his son would act in dramas. he asked me to focus on studies. He thought of me that I’m in a bad society. And I will not be able to do anything in life. My father has beaten and scolded me many times because of that. Once upon a time, he had even said that your interest will make you a male prostitute one day. I always remembered the learning given by my father and today I have an identity in the Bhojpuri film industry.”

The real name of Ravi Kishan is Ravi Kishan Shukla. Earlier, in an interview, Ravi Kishan told that he never shared a friendly bond with his father. “My father used to scold and beat on very little things. My mother used to protect me from the anger of my father. Once when my father had beaten me up badly my mother asked me to escape from the home in order to save my life. Then I decided to leave home and finally reached Mumbai.” Born in 1969, Ravi Kishan belongs to Jaunpur, Bihar. The name of his wife is Preeti and he has four children – 3 daughters (Reva, Tanishk and Ishita) and one son (Saksham).

After reaching Mumbai. Ravi Kishan’s financial condition was very poor. He started doing time-pass jobs to feed himself. He started living in a Chawl. And finally he got an offer from a film but it was a B-grade film. It went flop but directors appreciated Ravi Kishan’s performance and now he is a successful actor of Bhojpuri films and can also be seen in prominent roles in various Bollywood films.


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