News Famous Assistant Director of Bollywood Commits Suicide by Jumping Off From The Roof...

Famous Assistant Director of Bollywood Commits Suicide by Jumping Off From The Roof of a Building

In a shocking news, assistant director and screenplay writer of Nana Patekar-starrer ‘Ab Tak Chappan’ (2004), Ravishankar Alok, ended his life. Yes, he committed suicide by jumping off from the roof of a building in Seven Bungalows area in Andheri, Mumbai at around 2 PM on Wednesday, as per the reports.

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He was first found by the guard of an adjacent building who saw Alok mired in blood after hearing a loud thud. Immediately he called an ambulance and later police arrived. Alok used to live with his brother who was not at home at the time when he committed suicide. No suicide note was found by the police.

According to the reports, the society’s watchman told the police that,

“The terrace of the building is usually locked and it’s still not known how Alok gained access to the area. Alok’s parents had been staying with him for a couple of days. They had recently left for their hometown Patan.”

A police official stated that Alok had been battling depression for a year and had also been undergoing treatment for the same. As per a report in ‘Amar Ujala’, the 32-year-old was unemployed for over a year and didn’t have sufficient money to pay his rent and bear his other expenses. It could be the reason he decided to get rid-off his problems by ending his life.

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