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High Life Which Child Are You First, Second Or Third, Read Your Personality Here

Which Child Are You First, Second Or Third, Read Your Personality Here

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Talking of the earlier times when people had list of kids varying all around according to ones family status. Now people tend to have a single or at last maximum three kids. Recently a study has shown how does your number matters to your personality.

The First Child


The first child is the one, when parents are totally unprepared and look out in all the directions to get the information how to do parenting. Therefore they give him/her all the attention of ones love and affection. The result is the first child is always one who has the highest of the IQ level. But it is also a fact that they torture the smaller siblings the most, the are taller and stronger therefore they tend to force which actually effects the younger one a lot mentally and emotionally. Therefore there is still time if you want that relation to dwell if many of you reading are ought to break it, just get that feel of harmony. You need to bow in front of your smaller ones only then can you save your relation. Trust me. You learn the life of Sympathy.

The Second Child


This child usually has a bit lower IQ level than the first child and tends to be very stable. He/She may always try to create that balance between all the family members for most of which he she is ignored the most. They know this but cannot tell mostly and feel ignored, not in every case I must let you know, frequency may vary. They are the chain in the family that tend to bond the family.They learn the life of stability.

The Third Child

modern-baby-names-02They are the most poor soul in the family and they get all the lefts out like clothes, toys, some times could be food also. But these lads are the one who really respect when they owe a new one it gives them a feeling of belonging. They know the value and can easily lend out their things easily to anyone they learn the life of empathy.

And so does the call goes on according to ones family trend and situation. Hope this small effort would have broaden you life perspective. World is bound to love, try and find the hidden meanings in everything and you will learn the true meaning of life.

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