Bigg Boss 14: Gauhar Khan’s Reply On Rahul Vaidya’s Nepotism Comment

Gauhar Khan comes out in support of Jaan Kumar Sanu over Rahul Vaidya's nepotism remark on him. Read to know what she said.
High Life Read This Carefully Before Going To The Grocery Store Shopping During COVID-19

Read This Carefully Before Going To The Grocery Store Shopping During COVID-19

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More than 1 million people have been infected by Coronavirus worldwide. In order to save the lives of the people, social distancing is being done to protect it.

But in the meantime, due to the lack of necessary ration in the house, people have started going to the grocery stores. But by doing so, they can come in the grip of infection easily. Many believe that disinfecting groceries will prevent them from getting infected. However, experts say such measures are not required. We will give you information about how you can be safe if you are going to the grocery store.

Don’t Go Out Of Your House Too Often

If it is very necessary to buy vegetables or groceries only then go out of the house. Make a stock of some essential items in your home so that you do not have to go to the store every day. Also, visit a time when the shop is less crowded. The lower the number of people in the shop, the more you will be protected from the virus. Also, keep a certain distance from other people in the shop.

Use this payment method

Try to avoid paying with cash or card after purchasing the items from the shop. It would be most appropriate to make digital payments instead. This is because if the shopkeeper infected with corona swaps the card or returns the money then you can also get infected due to that.

There is no need to sanitize the packages of food

The amount of virus on the food packet is actually less. The virus can only remain on the material for a few hours. Instead of disinfecting the packet, it should only be washed with water.

Wash your hands properly after coming back

Only touch the items you need to buy at the store. It is advisable to sanitize the handle of the cart before starting the purchase. Don’t forget to wash your hands immediately after returning home. Experts also advise not to use your phone in the shop. If you are doing it, then sanitize them by coming home.

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