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High Life Reason Why Beer Bottles Always Come In Green And Brown Color

Reason Why Beer Bottles Always Come In Green And Brown Color

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I know every one of you is looking for an answer but wait first we have to go back in the history, to find out some secrets behind Beer. Believe it or not, Beer is the world’s oldest and the most widely consumed alcoholic drink. The production process of beer is called brewing. Basically, it involves the fermentation of scratches which derived from cereal grains (malted barley), although corn, wheat and rice are widely used. Origins of beer date back as far as 9000 BC in Egypt and Mesopotamia, long before refrigeration and pasteurization were invented.

beyonce with beer
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Initially (around the 19th century), the beer was stored in transparent glass bottles but the problem was that the beer left in transparent bottles started to smell moldy. The foul odor came out because the colorless glass allowed UV rays to penetrate the drink.

Chemists at the University of North Carolina and Ghent University in Belgium found that sunlight breaks down alpha acids in hops that react with sulfur to make a chemical that is nearly identical to the smelly chemical that skunks spray.

Beer bottles are in green and brown colour

Green or Brown Bottles

A darker colors like green and brown resists the UV rays and provides more protection. Also, there is a shortage of brown glass since World War II, therefore beer bottles are far more often seen to be green than brown.

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