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Reason Behind Ranveer Singh’s Bizarre Dressing Style Revealed




Ranveer Singh is one of the highest paid actors of the Bollywood. Currently, he is the most successful actor in the film industry. After his hit film Simmba, now he is all set to appear on the screen with his upcoming flick Gully Boy. The film is releasing on February 14, Valentine’s Day. Apart from his energetic and fun-loving behaviour, he is also famous for his weird dressing style.

During the film promotion of his film Gully Boy in Berlin film festival, Ranveer Singh once again spotted in bizarre clothes. He also got trolled for it. However, in the festival, during his film Gully Boy’s world premiere, he revealed the reason behind his weird dressing style.

He told it was an incident that transformed his way of thinking completely. Ranveer Singh said, “It was a difficult time for me during the film Lootera. I was new in the industry. The film has taught me a lot, but I was out of my comfort zone. The back injury was y turning point. This experience was horrific. I was on bed for 3 months, while laying in bed I used to stare at the roof only. The doctor said that I probably can not do dancing again or can not fight again. I was watching my dreams get shattered.”

After reviving from that injury, Ranveer became more authentic. But some rules have already been set for an emerging artist. It was a bit too much for me to do with my look. And I knew that by doing this I was going to face the criticism. In February 2014 Ranbir’s film Gunday was released. During the promotion of this film, Ranveer went to give an interview to a media house where he first appeared in his weird style. Ranvir told that at that time he had a foot injury. He had to wear men’s Fedora shoes with a brown suit. But due to injury, he wore Kolhapuri sandal. In this way all this story started.

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