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High Life The Reason Why There Are Lines On The Palms Of Our Hands

The Reason Why There Are Lines On The Palms Of Our Hands

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Whether you admire it or not, the human body is quite really amazing. We not only have individual fingerprints but also a unique tongue print too. Our eyes can identify up to million different colours and can absorb more information than the fanciest telescope.

Shockingly, in one hour our heart by beating can produce enough energy to lift a tonne of steel three feet off the ground. But let’s focus on our hands, specifically the lines on our palms.

The Reason Why There Are Lines On The Palm Of Our Hands

Palmistry would have us believe that these lines correspond with our heart, head, lifeline and sometimes our fate but the truth about the lines is somewhere rooted in the science.

Business Insider has revealed the important function of the lines which form in the womb around 12 weeks.

Rather than lines these are creases in our skin so that we’re able to flex our hands easily with the creases in our hands, allowing us to be more dexterous and both hold and grab onto objects.

The Reason Why There Are Lines On The Palm Of Our Hands

Most people are born with three main creases on their palm, although the thickness, frequency and prominence depend on our genes. There are rare cases when a person is born with just one dominant crease running on the top of their hand, rather than three. This is called “singular palmar increase” and affects one in 30 people.

Normally it isn’t a sign of any health conditions, it sometimes indicates fetal alcohol syndrome, Turner syndrome, Aarskog syndrome and Rubella syndrome.

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