Reason Why Irrfan Had Removed His Surname ‘Khan’

Today Irrfan Khan is not among us, but he will always be alive in the hearts of millions of fans due to his excellent performance and powerful dialogue delivery. If Irfan Khan were alive today, he would have been celebrating his 54th birthday. Irrfan Khan is counted among the stalwarts of Hindi cinema.

It is said that an artist has no caste, no religion, this statement fits perfectly on Irfan Khan too. He said that, I did not want to be identified because of my religion, nor did I want to be recognized because of my ancestors.

Irrfan Khan was born on 7 January 1967 in Tonk, Rajasthan. He belonged to a Muslim family. It is said that he wanted to become a cricketer and he was also interested in this field, although this was not possible due to financial constraints. At the same time, something else was written in his fate as well. Later he tried his luck in the acting world and he managed to make his mark in the country and the world as a big actor of Hindi cinema.

Irrfan Khan has also been in discussion about his name and he also changed the name after shining the star of his fortune. Generally, his name in English is written as ‘Irfan’. But he used to add an extra R to his name. He used to write his name as Irrfan in English. After doing this, he told that, after applying additional R, his name would be pronounced differently which he liked very much.

Along with the name, he was also in discussions about his surname. Actually, he had removed his surname ‘Khan’ from his name. He talked about this during an interview. He had said, ‘I am Irrfan, only Irrfan. I have removed ‘Khan’ from my name some time ago. Actually, I do not want to be recognized because of my religion, my surname or any such thing. I do not want to be recognized because of the work of my ancestors. ‘