High Life There Is A Surprising Reason Why Pen Caps Have A Hole In...

There Is A Surprising Reason Why Pen Caps Have A Hole In Them Which You Never Knew

Almost every people on earth who can read and write has used a Ball point pen in his/her life and I can bet it must be a favourite of every 9 person out of ten. But all things apart, have you ever noticed at the anatomy of a ball point pen ? If not the ballpoint pen itself, have you ever took close notice at the cap of the pen whenever you got a free time from chewing the cap.


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ballpoint pens reason why ballpoint pens have hole in their cap

If not, take a closer look at the cap of the pan. You will find a hole in it.

But while you were gnawing on that cap like a toothless badger, did you ever stop to wonder why there’s a hole in the end of the cap?

No, it’s not there so your saliva can drain or just to prevent the pen from drying out.

 It’s actually there because so many people were swallowing pen caps, and that hole prevents you from choking to death.

reason why there is a hole in caps of ballpoint pen

At any rate, the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t stick the germy pen in your mouth to begin with, but if you do, the little hole on the end of the germy pen that you’re sticking in your mouth could save your life if you swallow the cap.

Woow..I totally didn’t knew it. MIND = BLOWN ?

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