Reasons Behind Why People Like Squeezing Pimples So Much

There is hardly a person in the world who would not try at least once to squeeze pimples on his face or body with his own hands. But if some do it extremely rarely, then others literally “itch their hands” to suppress them. And therefore we have tried to find out why people have the habit of popping pimples.

Why we pop our pimple

Daniel Kell, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University, believes that the desire to pop pimples has something to do with the desire to have an unpleasant experience without sacrificing yourself too much. The same goes for videos of someone squeezing pimples – often people watch them in disgust, but still continue to do it. So below are the reasons for which you might be popping your pimples.


There is a rare mental disorder characterized by an increased obsession with acne called Dermatillomania. According to this, a person enjoys the very process of “picking” a pimple. In many cases, Dermatillomania is part of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Popping a pimple is a compulsion, an action that a person feels they must perform. Only after he completes it, does there comes a feeling of satisfaction. If you are experiencing something similar, squeezing pimples, there is reason to think.


Trypophobia is the fear of clustered holes, various holes, dimples, and bubbles, but according to the American Psychic Association, it does not classify Trypophobia as a mental disorder, millions of people around the world suffer from it. The main signs of this fear are a feeling of nausea, itching, discomfort, anxiety, and nervous trembling at the sight of various holes. Naturalist Evgenia Timonova believes that Trypophobia is directly related to the desire to crush acne.


For some, pimple popping is a great way to calm down. Moreover, fans of this process find solace not only in picking the skin but also in watching videos of someone doing it. Beautician Sandra Lee’s subscribers (Dr pimple popper) often wrote to her that watching such videos even helps them fall asleep. Perhaps the point is also that the woman accompanies all the actions on the video with her comments.

However, according to cosmetologists, it is strictly forbidden to squeeze pimples on your own! Thus, you injure the skin and bring dirt into it, which leads to inflammation and the appearance of new pimples in the future. So if your urge to get rid of skin imperfections is so strong that you cannot control it, contact a professional immediately.

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