In this hyper-mediated world, everyone today is a subverted by technology. Even the article that we are posting or the one that you are reading is pertaining to technology. Whatever we do or anything that happens is being digitized. Our government wants to digitize the country. The simplest classrooms today are the go-to getaways for the impulsive techie! But does it possess all the pros and not the cons? Let’s check out:

We no longer remember birthdays!


Yes, that’s true! We as friends no longer make that special effort to keep a diary possessing all the important dates. Either our phone or Facebook is the one that does the needful. Not that it’s bad, but think can you even remember now without relying on technology?

We fail to calculate!!


We just suck at addition or subtraction! All thanks to the calculator on the phone! We cannot just take a pen and a paper and make that judicious effort to say a hello! to Mathematics.

We do not remember phone numbers anymore!


Do you even try remembering your BFF’s number? At times, we even fail to remember the emergency contacts that just in case our phone drops out, we could be almost socially handicapped!

We do not meet anymore, we post pictures!


Initially, what was done through the meeting in person, is done virtually through various applications! We do not meet people for lunch anymore, we rather click a “selfie” and let people know what have we been up to! How strange, one picture and we assume that the world knows exactly what we wanted them to know!

It makes us lazy!


The buying that we did initially going to the market, now happens online! The arrangements that we made manually earlier, now happen online! The bills we paid or the tickets we booked are now happening with just one touch! What a loss of mobility!!

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