We’ve all heard people say that bonds of friendship built in the younger years are what last for a lifetime or are genuine which is to some xtent even true. As once you face the big bad world you meet people who are nice to you but only out of courtesy or while being formal. However, on rare occasions you do come across a person who you feel is a long lost friend and you bond with him/her instantly, even in a competitive atmosphere like an office. I Have been very lucky to find an amazing friend only when it was least expected. And that is why I can say that having a good friend at the office is as good as a blessing.

 Your Friend At Office Feels Genuinely Happy for You on all your Achievements and He/she is someone you can always celebrate it with..

Because even though you met your friend at the office but your friendship is beyond the boundaries of your workplace.



You can Always share things from Your Personal Life with Him/Her without the fear of being Judged..

Alhough its not very smart to bring up your personal life at your workplace but if you have a friend that close with whom you feel you have a connection then it doesn’t matter if he/she’s a friend from office, opening up your heart to a close friend is a bliss.


You Can Freely Let out your emotions to someone knowing that the person knows exactly what you’re talking about..

Talking to your friends outside office about issues or things at the office will only have them empathising with you while they can’t completely understand your situation. On the other hand your friend from office will know exactly what to say to make you feel better.


Your Sweet and amazing Friend is the Reason you Look Forward to Going For Work every Morning..

Especially on those really low and dull days when all you want to do is curl up in your bed for the whole and then one Text from your friend makes you look forward to the day at work. Of course because you know you’ll see your buddy greeting you with a smile, crack jokes the whole day and make you feel awesome.


There is Someone You can Look Upto when You’re Having a really Bad Day..

There are some days at work which drag soo slow and are so bad that all you can do is sulk in one corner. And while everybody else (colleagues) are busy with the tasks at their hands (Which is fair), You have this one person by your side trying to comfort and console you.

Friends Even Cover up For You..

whether its your friend or you, you both are a team when it comes to looking out for each other. He/she is there for you as your support system and will always try to get you out of a sticky situation.


You Have Someone who You Can Trust Blindly..

Whether its a friend at your office or anywhere, If there’s a person you can trust blindly then its worth holding onto that person. If you’ve found that person within your office premises despite the competitve atmosphere of the place then its surely worth for the long haul.

You Even Party Together After Work..

Yeah! Those days when you both stay back late at the office to finish up and assignment, you know its time to party once you’re done with the task at hand..


You Will Have a Person To Give You an Honest opinion and Useful Advise

Knowing you well and your capabilities and competencies well, your friend will always tell you whats the right thing to do in what situation and will be honest about his opinions which is what makes him trustworthy.

So with all these things to be thankful for you will always have someone to back you up and look out for you, come what may.

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